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Timing and Costs


Aikido Federation of South Africa

Kyu Grades

level & degree months practical practice hours
6th Kyu 20 hrs
5th Kyu 2 months after last grading 20 hrs
4th Kyu 3 months after last grading 60 hrs
3rd Kyu 4 months after last grading 90 hrs
2nd Kyu 5 months after last grading 110 hrs
1st Kyu 8 months after last grading 160 hrs

Dan Grades

The minimum age for the attainment of the 1st dan is 16 years

level & degree years practice months practical practice hours
1 dan 0 12 240
2 dan 2,5 years after Shodan 0 0
3 dan 3 years after nidan 0 0
4 dan 4 years after Sandan 0 0
5 dan On Application 0 0
6 dan On Application 0 0

The timings above relate to the minimum time expected to pass an examination in the other.

The National Secretariat will be abiding in enforcing the minimum times listed above.

The jumps can be validated only if it complied with the minimum specified amount of time (eg from 5th to 3rd kyu minimum time 12 months 190 hours)

For the new tests:What will be considered is the sum of the new minimum times (example: for the shodan are required 50 months -740 hours of training)



level degree Cost
6th Kyu R300
5th Kyu R300
4th Kyu R300
3rd Kyu R450
2nd Kyu R450
1st Kyu R450


level degree Cost
1st Dan R550
2nd Dan R550
3rd Dan R550
4th Dan R550
5th Dan On Application
6th Dan On Application

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